Thursday, March 21, 2013


This time I watched Mullholland Drive the line that pierced me the most is one that Adam, the filmmaker, says casually at his party: "Sometimes good things happen." He is about to announce his marriage with Camille or her pregnancy, we don't get to know it; but whatever is going on between them is not a good thing, because it is based on Camille's desire to hurt Diane.
The movie is a concatenation of catastrophes in crescendo that leads to a tragic impossibility of redemption: Camille's cruelty towards Diane leads the last one to get Camille killed, and Diane finally succumbs to her guilt by committing suicide. Bur right before the end of the movie, we see the landscape of LA with Betty and Rita superimposed as phantasms: this is a reminder of the moment in the movie when Rita was wearing a blond wig and they both looked similar, and walk together through LA at 2 AM to the the theater El Silencio. They are in slow motion, laughing and in love with each other. Even if their destiny (and ours) is bound to meaningless horror, to a second-hand (taped) experience of reality that leaves nothing to say, que da paso sólo al silencio, that moment will remain. And this is the most we can expect: Sometimes good things happen.